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Charity for Life Ministries exists to lead individuals and groups to a path that bridges the gap between their beliefs and behaviors in their personal and professional lives. We accomplish this through seminars, conferences, and coaching founded on the 5Cs of Change and Development. 


In your life,

do you seek:

  • A renewed and refreshed commitment to your dreams?

  • A clear vision statement for your life?

  • A strategic plan for accomplishing your vision?

Accomplish this and more in our Bridging the Gap Seminar and other workshops! 


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What Clients Say About Us

I am glad to be able to learn from others the importance of consecrating yourself so you would be able to do the well of God He has placed in has opened up a lot of things that God keeps revealing back to me. I just need to nurture that and consecrate and get closer to God. 


I had a wonderful time at the Bridging the Gap Seminar. I’m enjoying what I am learning about myself, and I’m learning about the other ladies and the seeds that God has planted in them. Also, we had a good time in fellowship.


I was supposed to be at the Bridging the Gap Seminar.  Mainly because a couple of days ago, I felt like I really did not know what my purpose was, so it’s just awakened the gifts I had stirring in me. The seminar is so fantastic and great. Thank you guys for doing what you are doing.


I was contemplating killing myself four days ago because I did not feel like I had a purpose and forgot my purpose in life. And, I am dealing with postpartum depression... So, I was like, "I’m done." My sister called me and said, "Zakia wants to invite you to this seminar." I didn’t know what this was, but...God wanted me to come here, and so everything about this workshop reminds me, "girl, you got to come to the new you - you are here for a purpose."


I had a good time and enjoyed being with the beautiful ladies hearing their different stories and perspectives. I felt so safe in the room discussing some of the challenges that we’ve all experienced. I feel like this is an awesome awesome seminar.


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