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Love for the Community

We will always consider the needs of the people in our communities as we create educational opportunities.


We operate ethically so that our participants, clients, customers, and partners can trust that we will keep what happens in our engagements confidentially.


We will conduct thorough research to ensure we are incorporating accurate information into our materials, presentations, and activities. We are intent on following through with commitments and agreements.

Good Stewardship

Our organization is dedicated to properly managing and distributing the resources at our disposal.


It is our priority to always consider our vision and mission in our relationships and interactions. We will work intentionally toward and within our call to a better people and community. We are dedicated to this work and doing what is necessary to impact the lives of our partners positively.

Change and Development

We are committed to the growth and development of people. Therefore, we develop and provide products and services that ensure continuous personal, professional, and community growth.

The Value of Innovation

We believe in the power of innovation and seek to foster a culture that maximizes opportunities to create value. We desire to be creative in our product, services, and outreach methodology.

The Value of Collaboration

We believe that working efficiently together as an organization, in teams, and as individuals enhance our impact and create opportunities for success.

The Value of Strong Relationships

We believe in building long-term positive, trusted relationships, both within and outside of our organization.

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