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Gina E. Johnson, DSL

CEO and Founder

Dr. Gina E Johnson is the CEO and founder of Charity For Life Ministries, a non-profit organization committed to aiding people in bridging the gap between their beliefs and behaviors.  She is the creator of the 5Cs of Change and Development (Consciousness, Contemplation, Commitment, Construction, and Conversion) which aids individuals in connecting their beliefs and principles to their everyday conduct in order to help them live with purpose, joy, meaningfulness, and appreciation of the gift of life. 


Dr. Gina’s primary goal and vision is to lead others to move from living a dualistic existence (separating the secular and the sacred) into a unified wholeness of living, serving, and sustaining as instruments of and in response to God’s Call.  In and out of the workplace and church, she coaches, counsels, and conducts Bridging the Gap Workshops.  Her heart’s desire is to see people functioning personally, professionally and in their families and communities with purpose, passion, and persistence understanding that our lives are not our own but for others to benefit.


Michelle Mancha

Director of Strategic Success

I am passionate about people living victoriously and overcoming the situations in life that can stop them if not effectively navigated. Charity For Life Ministries lovingly works with people to identify and live the life God designed for them. It is inspiring to see the transformation when people participate in the programs C4L offer. 


Rhoda Dicrescenzo

Director of Curriculum Development

It is so easy to get stuck or experience life without purpose. CFL Ministry equips others to establish a personalized roadmap for their life and challenge participants to move forward on the road to their God-given destiny. It is gratifying to witness this personal transformation.


Valorie Jones

Prayer Coordinator

I must say this ministry reflects my journey to discover what my gifts were.  My heart is pulled to pray, and intercession has allowed me to stand in the gap for many.  Just as someone stood in the gap for me. When I was asked to be the prayer point person, I gave The Lord my yes for Charity for life Ministry.  And to do it as I’m doing it for the Lord. I believe this ministry will edify the body of Christ on all different levels as participants tap in, embrace, acquire knowledge and wisdom of their gifts and empower them for the works of the Lord effectively.


Gloria Wallace

Adm/Project Manager

I initially joined Charity for Life Ministries because my sister, Dr. Gina E, needed to fill an administrative and project management gap, and I wanted to support her.  However, after I attended my first Bridging the Gap seminar, I am convinced my role is a divine appointment to contribute to helping others find meaningfulness and their God-given purpose in life.


Adrienne Daniels

Director of Social Media & Community Engagement

Everything that Charity for Life Ministries represents is the very core of my makeup. I believe that everyone has a purpose, and we all need assistance with finding the why behind what we do. I joined Charity for Life Ministries with the conviction that the world needs to take advantage of the opportunities afforded through the ministry. By doing so, individuals can capture the very essence of personal development- while simultaneously walking in the purpose behind their calling.

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