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Bridging the Gap


Bridging the Gap Workshop provides participants with a process of discovering the unique vision and purpose for his/her life in alignment with God’s call and a roadmap/plan for accomplishing it. The objective of the workshop is to share practical tools and processes that will aid in living life intentionally and with a purpose according to God’s call on Christians’ lives personally and professionally.

As a result of this workshop, participants will leave with:


  1. A renewed and refreshed commitment to God’s plan and purpose 

  2. A personal and professional mission and vision statement

  3. Clarity of one’s core values

  4. Start of and tools to develop a “resume for life”

  5. A deliberate plan for living out the application of one’s calling, gifts, and strengths in practical and strategic ways


Bridging the Gap Workshop is a Spirit-infused, proven vehicle for “bridging the gap” between purpose and fulfillment in the life of any believer. The result of this workshop in the life of a Christ-follower fosters meaningful living, joy, and peace, while also demonstrating exceptional stewardship of God’s purpose for one’s life as a partaker and partner in His mission toward man. 

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