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Gina E Johnson, DSL
CEO & Founder

Dr. Gina E Johnson is the CEO and founder of Charity For Life Ministries, a non-profit organization committed to aiding people in bridging the gap between their beliefs and behaviors.  She is the creator of the 5Cs of Change and Development (Consciousness, Contemplation, Commitment, Construction, and Conversion) which aids individuals in connecting their beliefs and principles to their everyday conduct in order to help them live with purpose, joy, meaningfulness, and appreciation of the gift of life.  Dr. Gina’s primary goal and vision is to lead others to move from living a dualistic existence (separating the secular and the sacred) into a unified wholeness of living, serving, and sustaining as instruments of and in response to God’s Call.  In and out of the workplace and church, she coaches, counsels, and conducts Bridging the Gap Workshops.  Her heart’s desire is to see people functioning personally, professionally and in their families and communities with purpose, passion, and persistence understanding that our lives are not our own but for others to benefit.