Bridging the Gap


Bridging the Gap Workshop provides participants with a process of discovering the unique vision and purpose for his/her life in alignment with God’s call and a roadmap/plan for accomplishing it. The objective of the workshop is to share practical tools and processes that will aid in living life intentionally and with a purpose according to God’s call on Christians’ lives personally and professionally.

As a result of this workshop, participants will leave with:


  • A renewed and refreshed commitment to God’s plan and purpose 

  • A personal and professional mission and vision statement

  • Clarity of one’s core values

  • Start of and tools to develop a “resume for life”

  • A deliberate plan for living out the application of one’s calling, gifts, and strengths in practical and strategic ways


Bridging the Gap Workshop is a Spirit-infused, proven vehicle for “bridging the gap” between purpose and fulfillment in the life of any believer. The result of this workshop in the life of a Christ-follower fosters meaningful living, joy, and peace, while also demonstrating exceptional stewardship of God’s purpose for one’s life as a partaker and partner in His mission toward man. 

For Groups

Strengthening your team strengthens your organization and community.  The Bridging the Gap seminar provides personal and professional development processes and tools that will contribute significantly to an individual’s capacity to serve on your leadership team and minister to church members and your community.  

Advantages of the workshop to the organizations

  • Individual leader development that contributes to the development of the collective leadership group.

  • Establish personal/professional continuous growth and performance measures that directly connect to the collective leadership’s capacity to create direction, commitment, and alignment.

  • Identify existing competencies and gaps in the skills, experiences, and knowledge required for creating individual development plans.

  • Create maps for tracking progress, ensuring accountability, and celebrating achievements and successes.


Cultural Competence

Learning how to function in diverse environments, circumstances, and communities competently, confidently, and effectively.


Energy for Performance

Discovering and developing the energy for staying the course in your personal and professional life spiritual, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Behaviors with Benefits

Using the DiSC model to reveal the key to improved relationships, self-development, motivation, and conflict resolution.